Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alie! (family)

Today, at Graces, where I happen to always receive information from AFS oddly enough, I was notified I now have a host family!! Finally right? I only leave in a week! But, the wait was by far worth it, because i feel this family is a really good match.
They live in a city called Çanakkale (pop. 81,000) which is right on the Sea of Marma, located very close to ancient Troy. It looks extremely beautiful and you should all do a google image search right now. :) I will be staying with Ali, Birsen, and Sude Pehlivan. Ali is a business man and likes philosophy, Birsen loves to cook and is a food engineer (whatever that is...haha) and Sude is 8, and likes to swim. They also have a daughter named Gizem who is my age, but will be going to school in another city, sadly. They speak elementary to Intermediate English, non-smoker, no pets, and I get my own room! For all those of you worrying about my safety, It says they live in a safe area. They like to travel and see the historic sites of their city.
I just sent them an email in some hopefully understandable Turkish!
Only 6 days to gooooo!


  1. !!!!!!! Wow, it's going to be so great, Amber!

  2. Good luck little sis! Love ya!